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We provide psychotherapy and psychological evaluations using empirically based scientific interventions to assist adults, children, and families. 

Psychotherapy is designed to help improve relationships, mood, decision making and develop better coping skills for a better overall quality of life.

Psychological assessments make use of standardized psychological tests, interviews, and historical data to formulate treatment plans, address referral questions posed by attorneys, agencies (CPS, licensing boards and educational institutions), and employers.

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Psychotherapy is a conversational exploration of what's troubling you to learn why and what to do about it. A psychologist provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who is caring, supportive, and who has professional training to help you address your emotional and relationship concerns.

 Scales of Justice

Psychological Evaluations

Forensic Psychology is the application of specialized psychological knowledge to provide information relevant to a legal question. The goal is to assist judges, attorneys, jurors, and law enforcement agencies in making their decisions related to a law

or statute.

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