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Psychology Assessment Resource Center 

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PARC provides psychological assessments and counseling for forensic, educational, immigration, diagnostic, and treatment purposes. PARCs forensic practice consists of criminal, immigration, civil and fitness for duty or pre-employment evaluations. We work with juvenile and adult clients. We also provide treatment for individuals and families involved in legal proceedings and may be court ordered to receive counseling or treatment as part of their plea bargain or case resolution. PARC works with adult and juvenile courts and we have expertise in addressing issues of dangerousness (violence and sexual) risk assessments, insanity evaluations, competency to stand trial/waive Miranda, false confessions, mitigation, and fitness (707) evaluations. In addition to criminal forensic psychology, we also conduct speciality immigration evaluations, including hardship, political asylum, domestic violence, competency to participate in immigration proceedings, presence of learning/cognitive disorder or mental illness diagnosis. Additionally, we also provide treatment, diagnostic, learning disability, gate eligibility, employment evaluations for corrections and law enforcement applicants.

We honor:  The unique strengths and challenges of our clients, while working to enhance their life skills, coping strategies and interpersonal relationships. We value:  Our passion and commitment to ones well-being; Our ability to model and demonstrate self-care and balance; Being flexible and creative in our efforts to assist individuals, couples, families, etc.; and Integrity in all of our interactions.

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