Forensic Services

As an Evaluating / Testifying Expert

As a forensic evaluator I provide a clear, objective, assessment of your client's psychological functioning and implications for their legal situation.  I will evaluate your client and provide a verbal report of my findings to your office. After the verbal report, I will complete a written psychological report if desired.  I will also complete a comprehensive review of the facts, history, and interview of the client, and compared these to victim and witness statements. 

I can assess your clients:

  • mental capacity to reason and deliberate
  • general psychological and intellectual functioning
  • psychological diagnosis and treatment needs
  • ability to appreciate their circumstances
  • level of comprehension
  • ability to rationally communicate their choices
  • ability to form specific intent 
  • level of psychological disability or impairment

With my expertise as a forensic psychologist, I can provide psychological observations and analysis, you'll know whether your client is emotionally able to behave with decorum in legal proceedings, intellectually able to understand ramifications of case strategies, legally competent to stand trial, or able to testify on their behalf.


As a Treating Expert

I can enter into a therapeutic relationship with your client, and conduct psychological treatment. If necessary, I can provide expert testimony to the court regarding your client’s treatment progress and future treatment needs. Since I have extensive testifying experience, I will be able to effectively communicate my treatment findings to the court.

The standard of care in clinical practice includes gathering a thorough history, reviewing documents, obtaining collateral information, maintaining treatment records, and augmenting these with an extensive battery of psychological tests. With forensic cases, I am always aware of the psycho-legal aspects and sensitive to the implications for trial. With proper client releases of information, I will keep you (attorney) apprised of treatment progress on a timely basis.

Psychological testimony from me as your clients' treating expert provides an evaluation of their:

  • mental health status
  • substance abuse problems at the time of legal infraction
  • need for continued psychiatric or therapeutic treatment
  • risk factors to the community
  • future treatment needs
  • intellectual or psychological impairments
  • disability


As A Consulting Expert Psychologist

As a consulting forensic expert, I join your legal team. My job is to help you build the strongest case for your client.

As a consultant, I can:

• advise about relevant psychological research
• summarize research on false allegations, memory, child sexual
abuse accommodation syndrome, false confessions, inaccuracies of eye witness testimony
• provide guidance regarding standards of care
• develop questions for opposing experts
• recommend specific treating / evaluating experts to hire
• consult on effective direct /cross examination on mental health
• help you understand psychological tests and the findings
• review reports prepared by other mental health professionals

In this capacity, I will NOT function as a testifying expert. I will become an advocate for your client and thus unable to provide court testimony.